Mission Statement

Provide fresh, local, quality farm-to-plate products for the community in a strategic, economical, and sustainable way, ensuring long-term business and community viability. We aim to feed and nourish the local community with quality and reasonably priced choices while supporting other local businesses.

Meet The Owners

Erik Nieman, Market Manager

After a stint in the Army, Erik embarked on a career in the retail/grocery industry, accumulating over three and a half decades of experience in all facets of the grocery market. Erik’s passion lies in the meat market space. Witnessing the influx of imported, substandard, big-box pre-defined meat cuts in the grocery industry, he is eager to bring his subject matter expertise and extensive skill set within the meat and poultry space, providing custom/niche cuts to the community.

Patty Nieman, Owner

From the moment Patty reached driving age, she became the family’s primary shopper, falling in love with the corner market’s fresh meat cuts, quality produce, local dairy, and eggs. Patty’s upbringing instilled a love for small communities and genuine care about providing quality food. With almost four decades of experience in quality assurance technology across the insurance and banking industry, she is now returning to her roots, aiming to bring back the local corner market.

Together, Erik and Patty form a dynamic duo. Erik’s passion for providing quality cuts, combined with Patty’s dedication to reviving the local corner market, aims to serve the local community and provide local farmers with a platform to serve their community.

Why Us?

Choose us because we prioritize your needs, offering quality products/services tailored to your requirements. Our commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and delivering exceptional local meat cuts sets us apart. As a dedicated force with a focus on excellence, we aim to exceed your expectations, building a lasting partnership based on trust, quality, and value.  We inspect our farms to ensure quality, sustainability and ethical practices.   Additionally, our roots are firmly planted in the community, with our property located in Whiteville, NC.

Visit Us

Our Location

900 S. Madison St
Whiteville, NC 28472

Our Hours

Tuesday–Friday: 10am–6pm
Saturday: 10am–2pm
Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

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