Nieman Market has sourced beef from two North Carolina multi-generational family farms.  Nieman Market will be able to deliver a fresher product that has undergone stricter guidelines for product safety and the ability to trace the lineage from farm to plate.  All beef will be dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days to ensure the most concentrated flavors and improved texture.  Longer aging times may be used for various cuts.

  • Grass Fed – Grass Finished pasture grazed to maturity. American Grassfed (AG) Certified
    • Cattle that have been exclusively raised on mother’s milk and grasses only.  Opting for this beef has numerous advantages and promotes a natural and humane farming approach.  This translates into a beef that is leaner, richer in omega-3 fatty acids, and higher in antioxidants, offering health-conscious consumers a deeper rich flavor profile and additional nutritious options.
  • Black Angus
    • Black Angus cattle offers distinct advantages for consumers.  They are renowned for their exceptional meat quality, known for its marbling, tenderness, and rich flavor profile.  Opting for grass-fed, quality diet friendly silage finished approach, the beef benefits from a diet rich in natural grasses and preserved forage.  These cattle have a favorable omega-3 fatty composition, providing health-conscious individuals with a premium choice.

Nieman Market will offer a diverse range of cuts, with each having their own texture, flavor and best-suited cooking methods.   Offerings by demand:  Ribeye, Filet mignon, New York Strip, Sirloin, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Brisket, Chuck Roast, Round Steak, Flank Steak, Short Ribs and Ground Beef.

Sausage & Brats

Nieman Market goes beyond core offerings, providing a culinary adventure with its unique blend of spices for “Nieman Market Sausages” and “Nieman Market Brats”.  This distinctive touch enhances the traditional favors, offering customers a signature taste that sets the sausages and/or brats apart.  

What makes the experience even more exciting is the inclusion of customer-voted flavor experiences.  Nieman Market values the input of its community, allowing customers to actively participate in shaping the flavor landscape.  This interactive approach not only reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction, also transforms the choices into a collaborative and evolving culinary journey that continually surprises and delights the taste buds.


Nieman Market is actively seeking partnerships with North Carolina producers of chickens and turkeys. Poultry sold at the market must meet the minimum standard of being pasture-raised, with access to outdoor spaces for foraging on natural vegetation. This farming method is considered more humane and environmentally friendly, producing healthier, more flavorful meat due to the varied diet and increased exercise of the poultry.


We are actively seeking partnerships with North Carolina pork producers. Pork sold at Nieman Market must meet the standard of being raised with access to outdoor spaces, allowing for natural behaviors like rooting. This approach is considered more humane and environmentally friendly, resulting in healthier, more flavorful meat due to the varied diet and increased physical activity and mental stimulation of the pigs. Pork producers for Nieman Market emphasizes a holistic approach, considering the well-being of the animals, environmental impact, and overall sustainability, aligning with customer preferences for organic and ethically produced food.


At Nieman Market, we take great pride in meeting the dietary and ethical preferences of our diverse community. Our commitment to providing halal meat extends from sourcing to processing, ensuring strict adherence to halal principles. We source meat from reputable suppliers practicing halal methods, maintaining rigorous halal standards at our market. Understanding the importance of halal dietary requirements, our priority is to deliver meat products that not only meet religious standards but also excel in taste and quality. At every stage, from farm to plate, we uphold values of integrity and authenticity, offering a range of halal meat options that our customers can trust and enjoy. Nieman Market is actively researching and seeking partnerships with those who understand our values and commitment to the community, with offerings covering beef, lamb, goat, and poultry.


Nieman Market is dedicated to providing a premium selection of kosher meat that aligns with the strict dietary laws of the Jewish faith. Our commitment to kosher practices extends from sourcing to preparation, ensuring adherence to the highest standards set by Jewish dietary laws. Kosher meat offerings at our market include options like beef, lamb, and poultry, all prepared under the supervision of qualified authorities. Understanding the significance of maintaining the integrity of kosher dietary requirements, it is our unwavering priority to deliver meat products that not only comply with these laws but also meet discerning tastes and quality expectations. Nieman Market is actively researching and seeking partnerships with those who understand our values and commitment to the community, with offerings tailored by demand.

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